S&O training


S & O Maritime team believes that the knowledge is for sharing. Therefore, we formed a special wing to conduct training programs. We provide relevant skills & practical exposure to help them get the best possible start to their careers and become stronger as professionals.

Today Marine Professionals need to be highly skilled. At S&O, We provide practical training and education for developing efficient mariners. We are the industry experts, we are delivering first class maritime training to enhance practical knowledge & management-related skills for a complete, efficient and effective way of design which provides the opportunities for better career in Marine, Oil and Gas Industries. When choosing us as your maritime training provider, you will be trained by qualified professionals and get comprehensive training program to become an experienced professional in marine industry.

S&O training


S & O welcomes and encourages Naval Architecture students to join our company for a period of internship. Our aim is to help budding naval architects to develop a passion for the maritime industry, so that these young people will be able to gain hands-on industry experience during the course of their studies.

We provide the opportunity to gain direct practical experience with S & O works. Experience and exposure are the easy way to get into the perfect job. We have students from different engineering colleges for internship training. We have dedicated team to meet the specific requirements of these internship trainees. Our powerful training and support services help you reach your goal.